Our simple, yet effective deodorant is made of all-natural, safe ingredients. We use a combination of vegetable oils and essential oils that possess antibacterial properties to help fight off bacteria, while the powders in our recipe help to absorb moisture and odor.

Our deodorant does NOT contain harmful chemicals found in antiperspirants. We proudly support the benefits of sweating! :)

Aluminum Free!

No harmful/invasive ingredients here!

**NOTE: We offer "Warm Climate" and "Cold Climate"

WARM CLIMATE: for 70+ degrees storage temperature (recipe is a touch harder to hold up to warmer storage temps)

COLD CLIMATE: for 60-70 degrees storage temperature (recipe is softer for colder storage temps) 

"I purchased a tube of their lavender deodorant a few weeks ago. For me it works better than the high end product I have been using. I just ordered four more. Want to smell pretty!" - Patricia

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